Autumn Ridge - IXONIA, WI

The Autumn Ridge Subdivision Project began back in June, 2005 when Neumann Developments, Inc from Waukesha, WI hired Municipal Well & Pump as the General Contractor for the completion of their entire water system.

The system includes construction of the following:

  • Two new Water Wells
    • One Deep Well - 886 feet deep - 19.25" down to 13.25"
    • One Shallower Well -700 feet deep - 19.25" down to 13.25"
  • Pumps
  • Pump House Construction
  • Reservoir
  • Water Treatment

Municipal Well and Pump worked with Kunkle Engineering to design the entire system to supply water to 400+ homes. Construction began in late June, 2005 and was completed in time for the 1st week of March, 2006.

To see an article on the unique design of this Subdivision see the following website - Daily Reporter Neumann Article.

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