Autumn Ridge - IXONIA, WI

The Autumn Ridge Subdivision Project began back in June, 2005 when Neumann Developments, Inc from Waukesha, WI hired Municipal Well & Pump as the General Contractor for the completion of their entire water system.

The system includes construction of the following:

  • Two new Water Wells
    • One Deep Well - 886 feet deep - 19.25" down to 13.25"
    • One Shallower Well -700 feet deep - 19.25" down to 13.25"
  • Pumps
  • Pump House Construction
  • Reservoir
  • Water Treatment

Municipal Well and Pump worked with Kunkle Engineering to design the entire system to supply water to 400+ homes.

To see an article on the unique design of this Subdivision see the following website - Daily Reporter Neumann Article.

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