Galesburg, IL

Project Highlights
Municipal Well and Pump currently performing modifications to the City of Galesburg water source wells in conjunction with a the new City of Galesburg Water Plant . The wells consist of one 100 foot by 16-foot diameter collector well with three large horsepower pumps and two smaller gravel packed wells at the City’s well site in Oquawka, Illinois. Oquawka is 30 miles west of Galesburg and is situated right next to the Mississippi River.
The collector well required modifications to the three large horsepower pumps drawing water from the well. Two of the pumps had 600HP motors, 80 feet of 16-inch flanged column and five stage, 24-inch Byron-Jackson pump ends. The third had a 350HP motor, 80 feet of 10-inch column and three stage, 16-inch Byron-Jackson pump end. The scope of work included replacing the 600HP motors with 250HP hollow-shaft motors and de-staging the pumps from 5 stages to 2 stages. The scope also included replacing the 350HP motor with a 150HP motor and de-staging the pump from 3-stages to 2-stages. The impellers were also trimmed to meet the new design point.
The City’s gravel packed wells required all new 150HP vertical-turbine pumping equipment in addition to rehabilitation of the screened portions of the wells. Municipal Well and Pump utilized both muriatic acid and AirBurst Rehabilitation Technology to achieve the rehabilitations of the wells. The wells responded vigorously to the Municipal Well and Pumps rehabilitative efforts and each wells specific capacity improved dramatically. The City is very pleased with Municipal Well and Pumps performance and results.
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