Godley, IL

Project Highlights

The Park District of Godley, IL needed a new water supply well drilled to a depth of 955 feet.  The job required that no water leave the job site to affect the nearby park district property.  The actual well construction consisted of:

  • Barber drilling 18" inch casing to 150 feet.
  • Drilling a 17" diameter open hole and then installing 12" casing to 620'
  • Drilling a 11" diameter open hole to 955'

The well was drilled using air rotary while utilizing closed loop reverse circulation.  We dug a pit on site and lined it with plastic to ensure total containment.  Water and drill cuttings lowed into the "lined" settling basin.  Cutting were then removed with a backhoe and trucked off site.  Water needed for the drilling process was pumped back into the well via hoses and a pump. 

Result:  Complete sucess, no water left the site, the process required minimal equipment and noise levels were minimal.

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