LaPorte IA

Project Highlights

The City of La Porte, IA needed a new municipal well drilled to a depth of 1,400 feet.  The site location was in town directly next to a school and a residential area so job site sound levels and containment of drill cuttings and water were requirements of the contract site plan design.

The actual well construction consisted of:

  • Barber drilling 24 inch casing to 50 feet.
  • Drilling a 17 1/2" diameter open hole and then installing 16" casing to 266'
  • Drilling a 15" diameter open hole and then installing 10" casing to 950'
  • Drilling a 10" diameter open hole to 1,400'

By utilizing the reverse circulation capability of our Foremost DR24HD along with a circulation tank and a raised pit we were able to contain all drill cuttings and water.  Additionally, this method does not require as much air as conventional air rotary thereby eliminated multiple air compressors and keeping the noise levels at the job site to a minimal level.

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