The Golf Club at Strawberry Creek


The Golf Club at Strawberry Creek needed water for a golf course that was already under construction. MWP was brought into the project late in the process. Water requirements were not planned for, and the work required to acquire permits was not fully understood.


First, Municipal Well & Pump needed to apply & receive approval from the State Agency, due to the fact that the Customer was retrofitting an existing well for the old Strawberry Farm where the course was being constructed. In addition, the construction of the course construction was well underway, and the owners wanted to seed a substantial portion of the course for the fall.

Municipal Well and Pump provided the State Agency response for the owner to sign, acquired the necessary signatures, and hand delivered the documents within 4-days after receiving Notice to Proceed.

Fast Tracking the approval with the Wisconsin DNR, and procuring necessary materials, Municipal Well and Pump was pumping water for the owner within 49-days from receiving the original notice to proceed from the owner.


Owners were able to plant a substantial amount of the first phase fairways and surrounding green space. This will allow for a substantial gain in the Spring growing season, allowing the customer to open the course on-time and realize revenues when needed